How shall Women protect themselves ? Digiquest Studio production

In association with Digiquest Studio S.S.Rajanouli shares his valuable advise

This short film on Women Safety is another contribution of The Cyderabad Police Commissionerate and directed by the talented Film maker and Nandi Award winner, Jennifer Alphonse. We would also like to thank  S.S. Rajamouli for his gracious presence in the film wherein he advises the common Women to be more patient and vigilant in difficult circumstances and look for the precautionary steps Early bird. His piece of advise to the Indian family is the concluding statement for the documentary wherein he advises the Guardians to inculcate the habit of respecting women within children.

A juvenile lady professional who becomes the prey of two Anti Social elements is saved finally when she holds her endurance and instead uses her presence of mind to protect herself on her way back from office. Dangers cannot be anticipated before hand. She escapes from them with her spontaneity and does the best she could do to save herself. The cab driver and his friend tries to put her in trouble but she proves herself to be alert when she realizes the fact that the car is being taken in the wrong direction although addressed to be a short cut and escapes from them with her spontaneity by fooling them and spraying on their eyes.

Eve teasing, Sexual harassment and ogling is becoming more and more prominent in today’s era and is having no limits. Women have to be more smart in analysing and tackling such situations.

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