Short film on Triple Riding in association with Digiquest

Digiquest Studio Production in English, Hindi and Telugu to portray the curse of Triple riding.

This documentary is again an incessant endeavour of Shankar to portray the curse of Triple Riding. The inception of the commercial commences with a satirical instance when three boys travelling on a bike are gifted with a “Super duper Bumper offer, One day stay at a resort and a Cash gift worth Rupees One lakh” simply because they will be dying within a short span of time.

Once again it is a modest initiative taken by the “Traffic Education and Enforcement Programme Initiative” of the Hyderabad Traffic Police in order to curb the reckless driving measures taken by most youngsters on the busy streets of accident prone areas. People should know to drive safe and be responsible when driving. Let us not make ourselves vulnerable to the curse of untimely deaths !!

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