Do not jump the Signal : Production contribution of Digiquest

Never encourage Signal Jumping : An eminent Digiquest Production

Once again in public interest by Hyderabad Traffic police this commercial video is an awareness initiative which is directed by Jennifer Alphonse. Let us also not forget the fact that she has directed regularly the Tollywood A Lister films. The music has been given by Ruthin Tej and the Cinematographic contribution is of Thamashyam. Editing has been done by Krishna.

The director chooses her own “Emotional Quotient” factor to portray the soft corner of the Husband for his wife who feels comfortable with this act of him. He takes care of putting the Seat Belt on her. In the due course of the ride, she gets lured by colourful balloons on the street. The husband tries to make her feel happy by getting a catch of those Balloons by crossing the RED Signal which means “STOP” basically. In turn he is inviting probably an accident for himself and his wife but gets saved luckily by applying the brake. It features Aishwariya, an upcoming model / actor who won recently the ALL India Talent for FBB face of the brand contest and is expected to share screen space with popular Indian Team cricketer Shikhar Dhawan.

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