Digiquest Team Production on usage of Safety Seat Belt

Safety Seat Belt is a must : Digiquest Studio production

Yet another initiative of the “Traffic Education and Enforcement Programme Initiative” of the Hyderabad Traffic Police directed by Shankar to make our people realize the significance of Seat belts while driving. It is more of a comedy portrayal to convey on the fact regarding Safe and Responsible Driving.

Lord Yama is again in the limelight in Paradise rather he comes to Paradise and convicts the real culprit who is responsible for the Car accident. Two men are in heaven wondering where are they ? The Yama makes them realize that they are in heaven because one of them was not wearing the seat belt and both of them met an accident and are now in Heaven. Yama switches on the system and recognises the person who did not put the Seat belt. Therefore, this culprit is send to Hell.

Is it happening really or is it a dream? Little boy was seeing this dream in the car because he was sleeping without a seat belt while adjacent to him his friend was driving who was having the Seat Belt. He comes out of the dream with lot of scare and puts immediately his Seat belt.

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