“NO” to speaking on the Mobile while driving : Digiquest Production

Do not speak over the mobile while driving : Production by Digiquest Studio

Hyderabad Traffic Police yet plays another key role in association with Digiquest Studio in creating Mass awareness amongst people not to use Mobile phones while driving. The film is directed by Pep Figueiredo from Mumbai. Finally, VVS Laxman once again concludes by addressing all the citizens to drive safe and responsibly. The film is directed by Pep Figueiredo from Mumbai

Aashi none less than “Little Chitku” from Chirec school makes us feel proud when she teases as well as imitates (as if she meets a car accident) her mother in order to prevent her  from speaking over the mobile, who intends to pick her at the school but repeats the flaw during the car drive. She apologises finally to Aashi by parking her car at the side of the Road that she will never speak again while driving The emotionally connecting film on NOT using mobile phone has a message to all the insensible Car drivers “ Sometimes we might learn from kids.” This film is Directed by Pep Figueiredo from Mumbai

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